£14m partnership to deliver lightweight innovation

February 26, 2015

 Investing in a sustainable future through advanced metal casting


Sarginsons Industries is gearing up for the opening of  the new National Advanced Metal Casting Centre (AMCC) by putting the finishing touches to specialist new casting equipment set to be a central feature of the £14 million project.

As part of its role as official industrial partner for AMCC, Sarginsons is currently shipping out a Jaguar Land Rover diecasting tool to Italy where it will be loaded into a new low pressure diecasting machine being readied for installation at the new AMCC research building. By the end of March, the machine will be shipped back from Italy to Brunel University, ready for installation at the AMCC.

The casting cell will be supported by an expert team of engineers from Sarginsons, who will provide all the technical expertise required to operate the unit in what amounts to a £250,000 investment from Sarginsons over five years.  In return, Sarginsons will have access to the University’s best postgraduate research students, harnessing their ideas and creativity to develop workable industrial solutions.

It is said that in the UK alone 300,000 tonnes of aluminium goes to landfill every year, and the work of the centre will seek to deliver the environmental and economic benefits that would be realised by reusing that material.  For example through a changed focus to nucleation, the effect that tiny impurities in the metal have on the process of solidification rather than the more traditional investigation into processes of crystal growth during metal cooling.

Anthony Evans, Managing Director at Sarginsons, said:

This is the first time that the University has used this type of equipment and it will help provide the researchers with practical, hands-on experience of the industrial process.
The partnership will be of great benefit to both parties with the objectives of the centre focused on bridging the gap between new alloy innovations developed by the University’s Centre for Advanced Solidification and the full-scale industrial trials.

In developing new alloy innovations and implementing them within the industrial process, we have the scope to provide lighter safety critical components with greater capabilities whilst doing our bit to conserve natural resources.

The research and development undertaken as a result of the new Brunel University partnership will continue to reinforce Sarginsons position as a leading centre of diecasting excellence.  Largely as a result of a range of such initiatives Sarginsons expects to double turnover and increase its staff over the next three years.

The £14 million Advanced Metal Casting Centre (AMCC) at Brunel is jointly funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Jaguar Land Rover, the aluminium automotive sheet and extrusions solutions provider Constellium and Brunel University.

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