Sarginsons introduce ERP – improving customer service

November 5, 2013

Sarginsons’ new ERP solution gives our customers an improved service by ensuring demand is supplied on-time in full.

The changes have involved a complete review and update of all relevant planning parameters and the introduction of new routines that provide the planners with accurate capacity and shop load reports and sequenced “work-to” lists in real-time.

New key performance indicators have been introduced to measure and monitor the improvements and to ensure sustainability of the new process. When fully implemented, the new disciplines will ensure that work is correctly sequenced and sufficient capacity is made available to ensure customer demand is supplied on-time in full.

The objective of this change is to provide each of our customers with an improved level of service through better on-time delivery and  a more flexible approach.

Sarginsons are committed to our Continuous Improvement plan and over coming months we will continue to invest in improving the service we can offer to our customers.

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