Sarginsons complete £250,000 foundry upgrade

June 13, 2014

Pioneers and innovators in UK diecasting

In 2013 Sarginsons set ourselves a challenge – to prove that we were still the pioneers, the innovators at the heart of UK diecast manufacturing.  Each member of the team was asked to spend at least part of their day, every day, asking the question, “how can we do this better”?  As a result we have developed a clear set of improvement initiatives, many of which are implemented as part of our continuous improvement plan, without fanfare every week of the year.

One of our more significant improvement projects has just completed with the replacement of our entire furnace infrastructure and a drains-up rebuild of the foundry floor culminating in the installation of 12 new furnaces which replace the previous 23.

The decision to undertake a full scale review of how we melt, transport and transfer molten aluminium had many drivers but the most significant for us was to eliminate the need to transport molten material to holding furnaces.

The mere process of pouring aluminium has a negative impact on the quality of the molten material.

As you enjoy the FIFA World Cup think about pouring a can of beer into a glass. If not done with care and with precision the beer will entrap oxygen which creates a head – exactly the same occurs in aluminium but the impact is more severe.  Every single time molten aluminium is poured through air, oxygen becomes entrapped and this results in oxidization of the melt – this is not what you want in a safety critical casting.

There are other important benefits that our new foundry setup brings to our customers, our staff and to ourselves but the one we are most proud of is the improvements to our carbon footprint. We could not have undertaken this work without the support and 20% funding contribution provided by the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP.

Staff training and development is a fundamental part of working at Sarginsons and we are  committed to ensuring our melting experts further improve their knowledge through a Foseco delivered training programme.   Alan Marshall from Foseco said,

It is fantastic to see Sarginsons taking such a proactive approach to industry best practice in alloy processing…

Sarginsons staff are passionate about delivering exceptional products for our customers and this combined with our commitment to investment in emerging technologies and staff development is what helps maintain our status as industry leaders in diecasting.

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