Sarginsons go back to the classroom

April 28, 2014

Cost-effective, technically efficient diecasting

In preparation for our £250,000 investment in the latest melting and holding furnaces, which are equipped with highly efficient gas recuperation burners, the Sarginsons team have gone back to the classroom.

Continuous improvement sits at the heart of our business, and through learning our staff can take advantage of the latest advances in technology and machinery.  So when we made the decision to invest in new furnaces, Elliot Eaton, Sarginsons Interim Manufacturing Manager, called in Foseco to train our team so that they are equipped with the expertise necessary to produce castings in the most cost-effective, technically efficient and sustainable way.

Over three quarters of the work force attended the on-site training workshops which covered all aspects of melt quality and die coatings.

Alan Marshall who delivered the Foseco training said: “It is fantastic to see Sarginsons taking such a proactive approach to industry best practice in alloy processing and die spray applications.”

“Foseco products and services are globally recognised as the aluminium sectors leader, and we are pleased that Sarginsons are taking full advantage of the expertise we can offer.”

Sarginsons Interim Manufacturing Manager, Elliot, added: “The importance of reaching further than purely alloy composition of molten aluminium is frequently overlooked by foundries. Metal preparation is the cornerstone of our business so personnel from all areas of the organisation have welcomed this training.”

Looking in further detail into intermetallic and element composition ratios provides us with a far greater understanding of the fluidic characteristics of the furnace charge, and the impact that can have on x-ray and pressure tightness standards.”

We will be taking delivery of the 12 new furnaces over Whitsun and following installation we will be welcoming Foseco back to Sarginsons so we can commence the next stages of our Sarginsons continuous improvement plan – CI No.8 – for alloy best practice.

Sarginsons staff are passionate about delivering exceptional products for our clients and this combined with our commitment to investment in emerging technologies now will help maintain our status as industry leaders in diecasting.

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