Sarginsons invests in lightweighting technology

December 16, 2014

Investing in lighter but stronger aluminium castings


Sarginsons Industries recently completed phase two of its foundry upgrade and low pressure centre of excellence with the introduction of an automated metal treatment station, the Foseco MTS 1500.

Like all leading aluminium casters, Sarginsons, are continually seeking ways to further lightweight their aluminium castings and the MTS 1500 is designed to maximise metal quality and consistency so supporting this ambition.

The metal treatment system is based on FDU rotary degassing with metal treatment fluxes injected directly into a vortex designed to ensure homogeneous microstructures and totally consistent mechanical and physical properties.  The unit will also reduce inert gas, flux and aluminium consumption so improving overall metal quality whilst also contributing to improved working environments and a lower carbon footprint.

Anthony Evans, MD explains

Aluminium is generally considered to half as strong but a third the weight of steel, but through the use of secondary treatments and the addition of alloying elements such as copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc, aluminium can be made strong enough to replace steel in many applications.  Put simply the aluminium castings we produce are lighter but stronger allowing our partners to achieve significant performance and fuel efficiencies, critical in the battle to reduce carbon emissions.

This latest stage of investment is an outcome of the work we have been involved in at the Advanced Light Metals Processing Research Centre at Brunel University, where Sarginsons Industries is proud to be a development partner.  Our research is designed to explore ways to replace the use of heavier metals, such as steel, in vehicles.

This new treatment centre combined with the advantages of low pressure castings, such as greater rigidity in hollow castings, and the ability to heat treat will maintain Sarginsons’ position as a worldwide technical leader in the mass manufacture of low weight, high strength components.

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