Metallurgist Elliot Eaton joins the Sarginsons Team

August 10, 2014

Sarginsons is pleased and privileged to announce that Elliot Eaton, one of the UK’s leading aluminium casting metallurgists, has joined our growing team.


During the early part of his career Elliot pioneered the development of electronic closed loop process controls for cooling dies, including using water, so maximising the process advantage of low pressure. This practical application of theoretical knowledge will be a core focus of Elliot’s role as Operations Manager at Sarginsons.

At a recent team training event Elliot advised: “The importance of reaching further than purely alloy composition of molten aluminium is frequently overlooked by foundries. Metal preparation is the cornerstone of our business and looking in further detail into intermetallic and element composition ratios provides us with a far greater understanding of the fluidic characteristics of the alloy, and the impact that can have on x-ray and pressure tightness standards.”

Anthony Evans, Sarginsons’ Managing Director said of Elliot’s appointment:

“Sarginsons is at the forefront of lightweight automotive component development and with our recent foundry upgrade, machinery investment and Elliot’s arrival we are better placed than ever before to deliver success in and beyond this burgeoning market”.




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