Prototype Perfection

August 6, 2013

July prototype projects demonstrate Sarginsons expertise, quality, skill and ability to deliver to project deadlines.

We have also demonstrated our ability to provide quick turnaround times, each project was completed within six weeks from receipt of customer requirements. Each prototype has been designed for series production across our complete range of diecasting processes.

As a result, we have produced:

An automotive chassis component with sandcast wall sections of 2.8mm, enabling our customers to build vehicles with exactly the same requirements the future high-pressure diecasting will achieve.

A complex machined and pressure tested sandcasting for a low carbon vehicle application. This particular project also included an assembly operation and a further installation of a stainless steel sleeve to achieve the stator bore tolerance.

This month our focus has been across the automotive sector, we are in discussion with a number of customers in different market sectors, who all require the same professional delivery standards for their prototyping requirements.

Regardless of the project, or sector, Sarginsons continually demonstrate they have the expertise to deliver prototype projects to time and quality time-after-time.

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