Training maintains highest standards at Sarginsons

March 2, 2018

Sarginsons Industries has put 12 members of its team through an industry-leading training programme to make sure it continues to deliver the highest standards for its automotive clients.

Sarginsons is a world leading lightweight casting company and many of its customers are premium car assemblers across the UK and Europe.

The company has invested heavily in machinery and technology in the past year and, to ensure continuous improvement, is also constantly training and upskilling staff at all levels.

As part of that, Sarginsons enlisted the help of the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) Industry Forum to deliver a training programme with current team leaders or those with the ability to step into those roles in the coming years.

The training programme lasted nine months and has already had a considerable impact on the individuals involved in the business and has improved techniques in measuring, monitoring and improving business performance.

It included everything from Waste Elimination and QCD Data Collection & Analysis through to Structured Problem Solving and Communication & Leadership.

Already improvements have been seen in productivity, material flows, reducing energy costs, reducing scrap and cleanliness & tidiness. It has also led to additional qualifications for all 12 staff who took part in the training.

Anthony Evans, managing director at Sarginsons, said: “We are committed to continuous improvement and that is why we are investing in technology and our people.

“It’s vital that our clients know that we are operating to the very highest standards and that is why we enlisted the support of SMMT Industry Forum to undertake this training programme.

“It has been extremely successful already in reducing scrap, improving processes and driving up efficiencies. We will be extending the programme to include lean and Total Productive Maintenance principles.

“We would whole-heartedly recommend the services of the SMMT Industry Forum for any organisation wishing to make game-changing improvements to their manufacturing performance.”

Sarginsons’ commitment to the training programme has already won praise from a key client.

Brent Collins, managing director of BCW Manufacturing Group, said: “We welcome and endorse Sarginsons’ strategy of using SMMT Industry Forum’s services to undertake a comprehensive Team Leader Training Programme designed to upskill their workforce and embed proven continuous improvement techniques into their management and shop floor culture.

“BCW has already seen positive improvements in Sarginsons’ performance through reduced reject levels, improved on-time delivery and production flexibility.

“Based on these results we would recommend other organisations to follow Sarginsons’ lead of using SMMT Industry Forum’s expertise to deliver step-change improvements in business performance.”

The company has started 2018 with a new SMMT Industry Forum programme that includes executive lean awareness, 5S and visual management coaching and mentoring.


Pictured: Members of the Sarginsons team who have been part of the training programme

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