Sarginsons lend a hand to a developing world project

March 24, 2014

Sarginsons staff draw on their aluminium expertise to help students

We have recently been lending a hand to nearby Warwick University on an exciting student project that aims to help communities across the developing world.

In February we were approached by the university about an innovative collaboration project that focuses on the potential for 3D printing technology and its capabilities for struggling communities across the developing world.

Many communities in the developing world struggle with acquiring common components and objects, 3D printing is emerging as a viable option for rapid prototyping, and manufacturing one-off items, without the need for skilled labour and expensive machinery.

We were asked if our staff could draw on their expertise to produce four aluminum components based on 3D prints designed and created by students, which would be later used as moulds.

Thanks to our help the students at Warwick University are one step closer to their goal of creating a low cost, easy to run 3D scanner, for use by developing nations.

Anthony Evans, Sarginsons managing director, said: “We are thankful to Warwick University for asking us to take part in such a worthwhile project, and we wish the students the very best for the future.

“We pride ourselves on innovation, and having a committed, highly-skilled workforce, and we hope we can step-up to provide students with our help and expertise in the future.”

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