WMG Academy Students – firing up the furnaces

May 4, 2015

Warwick University and Sarginsons begin developing the engineers of the future.

Warwick University’s, WMG Academy for Young Engineers, will be sending a cohort of students to the Sarginsons foundry during May and June.   During their time in the foundry they will take practical steps to discover the fundamentals and subtle art of metal casting.

In an age where environmental considerations require us to drive ever lighter, ever stronger components for our customers giving our young engineers a practical as well as a theoretical approach is critical.   It is strangely common to find that a design that has passed through all manner of theoretical challenge and test simply will not deliver the required result.  It is at this point that the hands on experience realised on the foundry floor bears fruit.

The WMG students have been tasked to design a World Rally Championship rear brake assembly for Prodrive.  Sarginsons and the students will be casting and then supplying a selection of the best designs.  Through this process Sarginsons will be demonstrating  not only the latest casting techniques and considerations but also the rigorous testing that takes place, including x-ray, spectro-analysis, dye penetration and  tensile testing.

Anthony Evans, Managing Director at Sarginsons, said:

Helping to provide engineering graduates, the future of UK Manufacturing, with practical, hands-on experience of understood and emerging metallurgical techniques from the grounds up will add breadth and depth to each student’s learning.

Sarginsons has always had a strong and well regarded apprenticeship scheme and can see the value of delivering graduates with practical knowledge to work alongside engineers who have learnt their craft in the foundry.

Only by investing in future skills will Sarginsons be able to continue their work in creating the most reliable, lightweight, strongest and most technologically advanced components available.

Sarginsons prides itself on being a lightweight centre of excellence and through continued research and innovation is confident that UK manufacturing in general and the UK automotive sector in particular will continue to be a leader in this key market.

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