World’s thinnest sandcast automotive component ?

January 23, 2016

Sarginsons believe they have created one of the world’s thinnest sandcast automotive components


Sarginsons Industries has produced a prototype batch of body in white (BIW) components for one of the UK’s largest and most prestigious OEMs at just 2.5mm wall thickness.

BIW is the stage in automotive manufacturing in which a car body’s sheet metal components are welded together.  The majority of sand casting foundries work with BIW components with a thickness of between 4-6mm.

Sarginsons, recently rated as one of the UK’s top diecasting companies, has produced the new lightweight component for a vehicle car body resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Anthony Evans, Managing Director at Sarginsons, noted that the ability to produce the 2.5mm component is an important advance for the automotive industry…

“there’s no doubt that lightweighting vehicles is the future,” he said.

“We’ve established a strong reputation for our expertise in the field of automotive lightweighting and we’re delighted that our extensive research, innovative engineers, new technology and sheer commitment has meant we have been able to produce this 2.5mm component.

“The vast majority of foundries are usually asked to work off thicknesses between 4-6mm, possibly 3mm in rare cases, so for us to successfully get to 2.5mm is a fantastic achievement and a real game changer for the automotive industry.

“Most sandcasting engineers would have turned down the opportunity to develop a component to this thickness, questioning whether it could even be done. A few years ago we would probably have said the same but with our lightweight centre of excellence working alongside our ‘Tech Lab’ engineers we can push the limits by believing anything is possible.

Sarginsons are now developing the component for high pressure production.

Anthony added:

“Thin sandcast prototypes, and hollow section castings are becoming more-and-more important in UK automotive, and I’m proud to say that Sarginsons have the technical skills and know how to be able to offer both.”

Sarginsons was established almost 80 years ago and supplies components to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Caterpillar, Bosch, JCB, Aston Martin and Rotork.

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