We invest in research and partner with industry experts

Research Partners

Sarginsons is a lead partner in multiple research centres.

We have invested more than £10m in R&D over the last six years and that investment is going to increase over the next five years. This investment has enabled our world class team of engineers both to pass on their expertise and be instrumental in the acquisition of new knowledge.

Principal among the partnerships where we are central to the research being undertaken are:

BCAST – The Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology

Sarginsons Industries is an industrial partner at Brunel University’s BCAST, for research into, and the commercial development of, all forms of metal solidification with a particular focus on direct chill casting, molecular dynamics and recyclable alloys. Part of the National Metals Research Park, BCAST was established in 2002 and is now recognised as one of the world’s leading solidification research groups.

LiME – The Future Liquid Metal Engineering Hub

Sarginsons is a lead partner and Board member at LiME, the UK steering committee aligning UK academic research into casting with commercial objectives. As part of our status as lead partners, we are actively engaged with Oxford University, Brunel University, Leeds University, Manchester University and Imperial College.

AMCC – The Advanced Metal Casting Centre

Sarginsons is a lead partner at the AMCC. Our core aim is to commercialise fundamental research into metal casting with a particular focus on developing lightweighting techniques, recyclable alloys and metal purification technology. This involves changing focus from metal crystallisation to nucleation and looking to control the interface between liquid metal and impurities.The AMCC also aims to develop new casting technologies to make cars lighter, more fuel efficient and more easily recyclable. Mark White, Chief Technical Specialist, Advanced Body, at Jaguar Land Rover said that the AMCC “will develop and test breakthrough advanced lightweight technologies and develop the skills across the automotive industry, academia and the supply chain”.  

AMPC – The Advanced Metal Processing Centre

The AMPC is a BCAST research facility where Sarginsons is a lead partner, principally conducting research into new machining, joining technologies, bending processes and cutting-edge metrology. The facility also incorporates a Forming Laboratory as well as conventional CNC machining and electrical discharge machining equipment. One of the core aims of the AMPC is to transfer research of novel structures and ideas into commercial practice.

LEAAST – Lightweight Energy Absorbing Aluminium Structures for Transport

We are a development partner on this Jaguar LED, Innovate UK funded, research project into the manufacture of a new generation of lightweight crash management systems. It is one of our most important current research projects where we were a key partner in developing the BD1 Alloy. Central to LEAAST is research into high energy absorption extrusions combined with overcasting techniques and metal foam.

EPRSC – Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

The EPRSC Centres are funded by the UK Government with the aim of maximising the impact of innovative research and to open up new industries and markets. Sarginsons have been active Industrial Partners for ESPRC projects and current Centres include Ultra Precision, Liquid Metal Engineering, Industrial Sustainability, Composites and Advanced Metrology.

HMV Catapult – High Value Manufacturing Catapult, University of Warwick

Sarginsons works alongside the Warwick University High Value Manufacturing Catapult which is a world leading research centre aimed at driving innovation and research into lightweight materials, electric and hybrid propulsion, intelligent vehicles and energy storage.

Cast Metals Federation – Development, collaboration and innovation in the casting industry

Sarginsons are an active and multiple award-winning member of the Cast Metals Federation. In 2018 we were awarded the Casting of the Year Award for our design and development of a front sub-frame for Jaguar. Previously, in 2017, our creation of a new secondary aluminium alloy with the assistance of BCAST saw us win the Innovation of the Year Award.